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We've let this space empty out to prepare for some CRAZY deals! Starting Black Friday, we're going to be adding some great items, with the discounts occurring EVERY FIVE MINUTES!!! 

These prices are in a flat spin! Get these items before Goose is gone (or before someone else snatches them up!). Every hour EVERY FIVE MINUTES, the price drops by 1% of its current sale price. Wait too long and someone else will buy them out and you'll miss the deal. Once an item sells out, we'll replace it with a new item.


Check back often, as sometimes some highly valuable and unexpected items wind up in this section!


These deals are meant for the CONSUMERS who want to get some great deals on items they can use and are not meant for other retailers who are looking to make major profit off of items we are practically giving away to our customers. RMRC reserves the right to cancel orders or limit quantities to keep these available for our customers. 

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