Updates on the FAA's Proposed Remote ID Regulations

January 7, 2020

A message from RMRC owner Tim Stanfield on the proposed FAA rules for model aircraft

The FAA has recently proposed remote ID rules that will have an enormous effect on the entire model aircraft community, both fixed wing and multirotor, FPV and traditional line of sight.. From the initial reading and impression, it is clear that these rules would pose an overwhelming burden on both the pilots and the manufacturers of these items.

We are at the beginning of a 60 day comment period regarding the proposed rules. We urge you all to NOT COMMENT YET on these proposed rules. It is far better to wait and have measured, well thought out comments for the FAA to consider than to comment quickly with statements that may not actually be relevant or helpful. The proposed rules are complex and confusing, and without a full understanding of the proposed rules we cannot all supply comments that are likely to result in improvements in the proposed rules.

We are working closely with community organizations that have a vested interest in the future of all the model aircraft and drone community. In the coming weeks, we will be having discussions with both the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) and the Flite Test Community Association (FTCA). We feel that both of these organizations have it in their best interest to ensure the long term success of the hobby as a whole, and they don’t have the possible conflicts of interest that may be present in other organizations that have close relationships with companies that manufacture remoteID technologies.

Based on this cooperation as well as our own research, in the coming weeks we expect to have a list of items that we feel are important talking points for anyone’s comments to the FAA and to their representatives in congress. We feel that supplying a form letter will not be as useful and would likely be ignored by FAA representatives, but if everyone uses talking points that are relevant to themselves as starting points, the FAA may be more willing to read, understand, and adjust to propose a more reasonable set of rules.

Again, we are not asking you to NOT comment on the proposed rules. We recommend waiting until we can convey a clear voice about the changes we need as a community

Tim Stanfield
President, Ready Made RC, LLC

We will continue to update this page with additional information.

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