Win Over $500 in Products by Comparing RMRC Shipping Prices to Competitors!

It's scandalous, and we're spreading the word! Just offering free shipping on the cheapest method doesn't tell the whole story. We're running this contest to raise awareness of how our competitors may be skimming extra money by overcharging you for shipping options and extra fees!

Jump right to the scandal.

They are really ripping you off for shipping upgrades! Compare to Win!

You can win products valued over $500 by guessing which vendors might be overcharging you for shipping!
Prizes for the winner include a Taranis SE 2019 Carbon Fiber donated by FRSky, and a bind-and-fly Beta85X 4K HD quad sponsored by BetaFPV!

How do you enter to win?

Just go to this Facebook post and like/comment/share and comment who you think the other vendors we compared to that could be lining their pockets with your money for their shipping options since they are so much higher than us!

Don't let our competitors fool you! We all offer free shipping options, but RMRC offers the best overall shipping prices across  the board, with incredible pricing for GUARANTEED FedEx 2-Day shipping with Saturday Delivery included on many orders!

Here are the details of the scandal!

It's all the info for one product pared down to an easy to read infographic that clearly shows how much they are all charging you! (click for full size version):

Compare the Shipping Options! Click to Zoom

Our shipping deals apply to all products, even planes! Our method of calculating may be a little complicated, but we do it so you have all the best options available at the best prices. Plus, our shipping deal applies to orders worldwide, not just for US orders. Check the bottom of this page to see how our shipping deal works.

We're being transparent about this. Here's all the data for you to look at so you can see that we were fair with the comparison. Many separate products are listed here. As you can see, RMRC has the best overall delivered price for ALL the items compared! Also, when we say we ship the same day, we don't just generate a shipping label and give it to the carrier the next day...your order actually ships the same day from RMRC when we say it will!




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