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Customer Service Saves the Day

Wednesday 09 August, 2017

What is the worst part about making a huge order? Making a mistake on one of your items last minute. RMRC saved the day by pulling my already boxed order off the shipping line to change my order. Dedication to quality!
Testimonial By: Alexander — Calgary, AB, Canada

Stellar service

Monday 07 August, 2017

I have been using RMRC for several years now, shipping to Australia with the usual postal charges associated, but I have to say that even with the shipping, it is totally worth it. The items are always perfectly packed, usually of much better quality and are much faster to arrive here than any Chinese sellers. Recently, for the very first time, I encountered an unusual problem with a device, and I was amazed at how quickly and painlessly it was dealt with by RMRC. A replacement was shipped immediately, and my problem was quickly solved. Thanks RMRC for such excellent service and support. I will keep on shopping with you guys, as long as I can fly.
Testimonial By: Alasdair McCarter — Glen Huon, TAS, Australia — AMC Electronics Pty Ltd

Best Customer service among RC companies

Friday 28 July, 2017

I'm a customer that gets RC stuff from many sellers, but Ready Made RC is notoriously the best in costumer service. Fast Shipping and really good support. RMRC is my first choice because Always I have peace of mind when order from them.
Testimonial By: Sebastian Velasco — North Bergen, NJ, United States

Great products and fast shipping

Thursday 06 July, 2017

Super good quality of the Strix products,i have the strix backpak , strix 1s charger, srtix USB adapter and som strix velcro straps, most of the products is bought after watching JC reviews, going to miss him on YouTube
Love from Norway
Testimonial By: Rikard Nielsen — Sellebakk, , Norway

STRIX USB Power Adapter

Monday 03 July, 2017

This STRIX USB Power Adapter is a good solution for field charging the 1S cells that have a USB charger (it also charges my iPhone). The pass-thru XT-60 connectors provide connection for soldering irons & glue guns for field repairs that use 3S to 6S voltage.
The unit is basically a voltage monitor and display with volt/cell alarm settings at 3.7, 3.6, 3.5, and 3.4V. It also has a step-down converter to provide the 5V for the USB output.
To set the alarm voltage, press-hold the button on the charger until LED flashes and then tap button to cycle thru the 4 choices. When you have made your choice, wait about 10 seconds until the flashing LED becomes solid.
I checked the voltage monitor with a power supply. The alarm setting for 3.7V/cell produced a loud pulsing tone when the 3S pack voltage dropped below 11.1V (3x3.7V). A similar test at 3.4V/cell alarmed at 10.2V (3x3.4V).
Looks like it will be very useful!
Testimonial By: Jim Norcutt — RESTON, VA, United States

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