What is FPV?

FPV is the acronym derived from the term "first person view". It has become the standard term used for piloting RC (remote controlled) aircraft or other RC vehicles remotely using wireless video downlinks. Another term commonly used is RPV, or "remotely piloted vehicle".

Although the concept of flying hobby RC aircraft via FPV has been around for years, the technology surged around 2006 when VRFlyer (Denis Graton) posted a video called Canadian Autumn on YouTube. In this video Denis flew his Easy Star remotely using video goggles and a head tracker attached to his RC radio to move servos on the plane, making it seem as if he were actually sitting in the cockpit of the plane. This video quickly became quite popular among the RC gadget geeks (like myself), and there was much discussion on the RC-Cam forum regarding the technology. Discussions also started up on the Aerial Photography section of the RCGroups forum. Soon after, a dedicated FPV/RPV section has opened up and FPV flying has taken on a huge following of FPV pilots. New technology is being developed around the world turning this hobby into an exciting combination of RC flying and advanced technologies.

For an abundance of information regarding this new hobby, I suggest reading up in the forums.

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Here are some examples of FPV flights: