RMRC - 20A Race Series ESC V2 - Silabs F396
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RMRC - 20A Race Series ESC V2 - Silabs F396

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These RMRC 20A Race ESC's are great, first I saved ~45g ditching the old full size ESC's (these things weigh UNDER 6g WITH THE WIRES!) and plus they run OneShot and full breaking and are able to be programmed directly from the Naze32 in pass-threw mode and take full advantage of all the new BLHeli 14.6 features old ESC's dont have a prayer to be able to keep up with.

I purchased a set of these to put on an existing build, a 600 tricopter I built about 18 months ago that had been running Afro30's. I was experiencing some timing desync because the newer version of BLHeli I was attempting to run was just to advanced for the little ATMega8 MCU... I contemplated reverting the old ones back to an older version of BLHeli but man am I glad I didnt do that, these RMRC Race ESC's are just so awesome in every way!

On my test stand I measured an increase in thrust of almost 50g with EXACTLY the same current draw* (14.82A @ 14.4V [4S] under load)! They also decreased the motor temp by 18°F after identical pulls!

* testing was performed with 2216 880kV motors and HQ Multirotor 1038 carbon props (also purchased from RMRC).

In the future I'll continue to upgrade my older models with these RMRC 20A Race ESC's till I've got them all replaced, they're just that good! When I take into account the weight savings ON TOP OF the performance of all the newest BLHeli features it's a no-brainer! Buy these, you wont regret it! I dont think I'll ever buy another type of ESC again! Next to get the upgrade will be my 200 tri currently running RMRC 20A Orange series mini ESC's...
Date Added: 08/14/2016 by Dan Gostlin