And I still crashed it!

Sunday 29 September, 2013

As a Newby, I knew better. I ordered my first RC airplane, a Penguin V2 on 7-28-13. It arrived, via UPS, on 7-31. It was about 2 inches shorter than it started out. UPS had 'made it fit' somewhere along the line. I filed a claim with UPS and notified ReadyMadeRC about the problem. They explained that if I had NOT filed the claim, they could have/would have done so and repaced the kit right away. As it was, I had to wait for UPS to settle the claim or purchase the kit that did not have the electronics in it. I eventually did the latter and UPS settled later that day. I received total support and updates from RMRC during this total ordeal. I did get the parts I needed on 8-13-13and happily put the aircraft together. Then, I foolishly tried to fly it by myself and managed to get close to 30 seconds of flight time in before I crashed and broke its back! Now I am awaiting notification of replacement parts availability. RMRC has already sold me a Sky Surfer which...
Testimonial By: George Pagh — Monett, MO, United States

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