In a market filled with compromises in fixed wing FPV designs, STRIX RC breaks this trend with the Nano Goblin.
It is an endeavor to design an aircraft without flaws. If you design something that has inherent stability, it may not be efficient. A design might be exceedingly fast, but also prone to tip stalls at slower speeds. The list goes on and on. When an aircraft design is done right, and the best attributes collide, it becomes legendary. The Nano Goblin is straightforward to launch, steady in winds, extraordinarily efficient, and unwilling to drop a wing in a stall. One glance over the specifications list for the Nano Goblin and you will realize that this aircraft is truly one of a kind!
Flying Under 250 Grams
Actually, the Nano Goblin weighs in around 225g with battery and an all-in-one camera! That means that you still have room for more equipment before your plane has exceeded the dreaded "2 sticks of butter" requirement that will probably be making a comeback in the future. Just ask our Canadian friends.
Quality Components
STRIX RC has teamed up again with Cobra to give you the best power system possible. The 1407 3500kv motor provides efficiency, reliability, and performance to get your Nano Goblin moving! The 10 Amp ESC was designed specifically for this plane with light weight in mind. Cobra also gave it a 2 Amp switching BEC so you can comfortably power more than just your servos and receiver.

Receiver Ready - Battery Ready - Already Built

Great Features

  • Long Flight Times: 60+ minutes out of the box (depends on battery choice)
  • High performance and repairable EPP formulation
  • Fits in your car
  • So quiet you can fly anywhere
  • Hits impossibly small gaps
  • Flys in wind and as close as you want

Express Pre-Order

Be a part of the early air-freight shipping.
For an additional $30, your Nano Goblin will arrive up to 1 month earlier.
Once the shipment leaves the manufacturer this option is gone