Are you ready for another round of Flat Spin sales?!?! Starting at 3pm ET on April 18, and going through Noon ET Monday April 22.

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This time, we're including MORE PRODUCTS THAN EVER BEFORE! There should be something for everyone, and you better keep watching because there will be some great deals on some highly popular products!

In addition, we're including a special Easter Egg....we're combining the Flat Spin with a different type of Waffle Sale! Randomly, the RMRC Mystery Waffle Eggs will show up as a flat spin item. You much do you want to spend on waffles? If you wait too long, someone else will buy them up, and we only have a limited quantity available!

There is only 1 available of each item at a time, so make sure you get the items you want before someone else does! Check back often so you see what new products are being spun!

This page updates automatically every 30 seconds, so keep it open and keep watching for the price drops or changes. We can't be held responsible for lack of sleep or lost productivity at work. RMRC reserves the right to remove items at any time from Flat Spin, mainly so we can keep things interesting for you all. :)

RMRC - 1.3GHz 400mW Transmitter -  US VERSION
$49.99 $38.38
Fat Shark Dominator HD3 Headset - Refurbished
$499.00 $272.82
Cobra - C2814/7 2100Kv Brushless Motor
$37.99 $30.37
FatShark Transformer Monitor/Binocular Viewer - Refurbished
$189.00 $160.85
HobbyWing Flyfun 60A V5 ESC with BEC
$49.99 $42.92
Pyro Drone Pyro32F3 BLHeli32 45A 4IN1 ESC
$49.99 $45.16
Rush TANK 5.8GHz Video Transmitter
$35.99 $31.53
ShenDrones NutMeg CineWhoop Drone Kit
$37.00 $29.56
RMRC Mystery Waffle Eggs
$400.00 $347.43
F-27 Evolution PNP (EFL5675)
$149.99 $122.36
RMRC SkyHunter FPV Plane 1800mm - KIT ARF
$79.99 $76.05
FrSky - L9R Long Range Receiver
$44.99 $44.09


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