RMRC Refer a Friend Program

RMRC Refer a Friend Program. We're cooler than those other guys anyway.

For a Limited Time!

Refer new customers to RMRC. You get a credit for 5% of their order, they get a free gift!

Want to share your love for RMRC, bring new pilots to the hobby, and get a bonus? Just refer your friends to us and you'll both get something great!

For the new customer: They'll get a free gift thrown in with their order. It might be sunglasses. It might be a gift certificate for future orders. It might be something else cool! We'll send them something to make them enjoy the experience!*

For the referrer: You'll get a store credit applied to your account for the 5% of the total (the price of the products minus any discounts or credits) to further your RMRC addiction. If your friend buys a $400 set of goggles without using any coupons, that means you get a $20 credit applied to your account!

How do you do it?

The new customer simply needs to put a note in the order comment saying that they are a new customer and you referred them! Preferably they should give your full name and email address if possible. We may be able to track down your account with just your name, but there are a lot of names in our database so email will help us nail it down. If you want to make sure you get credit for the new customer referrals, contact us for alternate information you can supply to the customers.

RMRC Refer a Friend Program. We're cooler than those other guys anyway.

Terms and Conditions

*Free gift for new customers only valid for orders over $10.

Offer valid only for new customers buying for the first time from RMRC referred by existing customers. New customer must supply enough information in the order comment to allow RMRC to determine the specific identity of the referrer. The comment should state "I am a new customer referred by XYZ", where XYZ is the first and last name of the referrer, plus preferably email address or alternate identifying information. Promotion is not retroactive and cannot be applied later if the new customer doesn't supply the comment when the order is placed. New customer must not be in the same household and/or immediate family of the referrer.

All referral comments will be verified by RMRC staff before sending a credit to the referrer or a gift to the new customer. RMRC reserves the right to deny any gifts or credits at our discretion. Abuse of the promotion or any attempt to trick the system will not be tolerated and could result in a customer ban. 

Once verified, the referrer will have a credit applied to their account for 5% of the order. This is calculated by taking the subtotal of the all the products in the order, subtracting any discounts and promotions applied, and then multiplying that amount by 0.05. Shipping cost and tax are not included in the calculation. If the new customer cancels or returns their order, the credit will be removed from the referrers account.

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