Conditions of Use

Ready Made RC, LLC will not be held responsible for misprints or errors on the Ready Made RC web page or product listings. Ready Made RC, LLC, reserves the right to refund and cancel any order that is determined to be taking an advantage of a loophole, error, or other unintended use of discounts, promotions, or product listings.

It is the responsibility of the buyer to determine the legality of the use of item purchased from this site in their particular locations. Ready Made RC, LLC and its ownership take no responsibility for damage incurred due to equipment failure or any use of the equipment, or any legal requirements for operating or receiving these items. Ready Made RC, LLC is not responsible for any items seized by customs.

Buyer agrees that any items purchased are to be used by the purchaser only and are not being purchased to be resold without specific approval from Ready Made RC, LLC. Ready Made RC, LLC will not be liable and will not take any legal responsibility for any equipment that is sold to another party after being shipped to the original purchaser. The buyer agrees that they will adhere to all laws and regulations, and that they will not use the equipment in a way that endangers the buyer or other individuals. The buyer also agrees that they will not forward any items to restricted countries such as Russia, Iran, North Korea, or any other countries currently under restrictions by the US government. 

Most FPV transmitters are sold under the FCC’s amateur radio rules. Operators must abide by all applicable laws and hold an amateur license to operate this equipment. Use of amateur equipment without a license or use of equipment on restricted frequencies could subject the operator to significant fines by the FCC.
For information regarding obtaining an amateur radio license, please go to

Packages shipped via USPS may not receive any tracking updates while in the US, and international USPS shipments will often show no tracking information at all once they leave the US. Because of this, international buyers accept all responsibility for shipments sent through the USPS. Please see the shipping and return policy for additional information regarding delivery times and liability for various shipping methods. By accepting these conditions, you also agree to the shipping and return policy.

As a protection against credit card fraud, Ready Made RC, LLC reserves the right to hold or cancel orders that are suspicious or where the buyer cannot verify the payment information. The easiest way to be sure your order will ship without interruption is to use PayPal and ship to a verified address. This is especially critical for new customers that do not have an order history with us. Orders where the billing and shipping address are not the same may be held to verify payment information, and new customers shipping to freight forwarders or using international credit cards are likely to have the order cancelled if PayPal isn't used as the payment method. 


Please report any problems you are having to us via e-mail at or open a support ticket at Please do not ship items back prior to contacting us and receiving a return authorization.

All warranties cover defects in material or workmanship only. Ready Made RC, LLC cannot be held responsible for damage due to crashes, incorrect installation, or any other user error. Additionally, warranty cannot be claimed with the manufacturers for equipment that has been modified, therefore the user should ensure the equipment is tested in stock condition to verify proper working condition upon receipt.

Orders may be cancelled prior to shipping and a full refund can be issued. To cancel an order please reach out to us via our support system. In most cases, special order items may not be cancelled or returned, with the exception of warranty replacements. 

For US orders within 30 days of purchase, ReadyMadeRC will, at its discretion, replace faulty components and include return shipping for those components. After 30 days, the customer is responsible for shipping the items back to ReadyMadeRC for warranty coverage. All returns require an RMA form and support ticket number, which can be obtained by opening a support ticket at For international orders, return shipments are the responsibility of the customer for any warranty claims. Please use a traceable shipping method, and the sender must pay all shipping and processing fees for the return shipment. Returns are processed in the order in which they are received.

Customers returning defective items will receive either a replacement, a store credit, or a refund. Orders are eligible for refund up to 30 days after the order was shipped, otherwise store credit or replacement may be issued.

Returns of products in good working order will receive a refund for the price of the item only, not the shipping costs. To receive a full refund for the product price, returns must be shipped within 30 days of purchase and received in new condition with no wear, and all packaging must be included and intact. Returns of opened packages may be accepted under some rare situations, but may be subject to a restocking fee or rejected depending on the condition of the items. We reserve the right to reject returned items if they are in a condition that renders them unsellable as a new product.

As parts of complex systems, failure of one component can result in a crash or damage to other items. The warranty does not cover, and Ready Made RC, LLC is not responsible in any way, for damage to other equipment due to a failure of a component in a system. Our warranty and liability only covers the repair or replacement of the item that can clearly be shown to have failed under the standard warranty conditions.

Ready Made RC, LLC is not responsible in any way for the use, misuse, or any injury or damage to personal property from the use of any equipment purchased from this store. It is the buyers responsibility to use the items safely and legally and to take proper measures to prevent any damage to person or property from the use of the equipment.


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