Welcome to the 5th annual Ready Made RC FPV Fest!

September 6th-9th, 2018


Come hang out with fellow FPV, RC, and PPG Pilots at a full scale, paved runway! 

Spectators are FREE and welcome!

WE NEED YOUR HELP! If you're thinking about going, please make your purchase by July 20! We need to sell at least 50 tickets by this date to make sure we can recoup all of the expenses of running the show. If we don't make the goal, all purchases will be refunded. As of July 16th, we are up to 40 tickets sold.

RMRC FPV Fest is an incredile event held at the Willard Ohio Airport! We shut down an entire, 4000' paved runway just for RC pilots to enjoy. Fun is the name of the game and we try to have as much of it as we can cram into 3 long days and nights. Contests, racing, raffles, and free flight are what you can expect to find here along with friends of the hobby. FPV (First person view), LOS (Line of sight), and RC cars are ALL welcome! 

Meet some of the popular youtube personalities from the Flite Test crew this year! They will be attending and flying along with you, and they may even be selling some cool stuff!

Paramotor Pilots Welcome! This year we want to officially welcome all PPG / Paramotor pilots to our event! We have found that there are a lot of similar intersts between RC and PPG lovers, so we want to be the first event that officially combines the two! We will have a designated part of the airport that is off limits to RC flying to allow for PPG operations. Fly low and slow thought the surrounding fields or way up high, this part of Ohio is beautiful! 

Registration Includes

  • Full, 3 day Pilot Pass for the event!
  • Pilot SWAG Bag (Given at registration)
  • Quad & Wing racing
  • Fun competitions (TBA)
  • 10'x10' space for an easy-up along the runway
  • Donation to the Willard Hope Center

Event Features

  • FPV Free Flight
  • Line of Sight Free Flight
  • Multirotor Racing
  • Wing Racing
  • PPG / Paramotor Flight
  • FPV announcer extraordinaire, Joe Scully makes his epic return to RMRC FPV Fest 2018!
  • Daily prize raffle

Flite Test Flite Test has helped sponsor the event, dontated to the SWAG bag, donated to the raffles/giveaways, and made an additional donation to Willard Hope Center!

FatShark has helped sponsor the event, and will by supplying pizza for everyone Friday and Saturday nights.

CYS ServoCYS Servo has sponsored the event, and will be donating servos for the raffles/giveaways.

HQ Props is donating products for the raffles/giveaways.

Hotdog FPV for helping to sponsor the event!

T-Motor has sponsored the event and is donating items for teh SWAG Bag!

 FXT is donating items for the SWAG bag and donating for the Raffle Giveaway including video glasses!

MultiGP has helped us by allowing this event be a Wildcard Qualifier!


What's included in the VIP tent? (VIP TENT SOLD OUT)

  • Enclosed climate controlled tent only accessible to those who have VIP access.
  • Free cold drinks and snacks
  • Extra SWAG and giveaway items
  • Soldering station and tools/build area
  • Seating and tables
  • Live video feed of all the bands


  • FPV Fest 2018 T-Shirt (MUST BE PURCHASED BY AUGUST 22)
  • On-Site Tent or RV Camping (purchased separately, one per tent/RV)


Willard Municipal Airport - Willard, OH 44890

2018 Basic Schedule: Subject to change

  • Thursday - Pilot arrival and setup is allowed. Free flight with managed time slots. PPG flying all day!
  • Friday - Wing racing qualifers at 8am, LOS free fly all day with managed time slots for FPV, quad racing and night flying after dusk. PPG flying all day!
  • Saturday - Wing racing finals at 8am, LOS free fly all day with managed time slots for FPV, quad racing and night flying after dusk. PPG flying all day!
  • Sunday - Race make-ups or open flying until 1:00 PM. Teardown (Volunteers welcome with possible prizes for those who help us!) 

Vendors available at FPV Fest:

Further information and details regarding FPV Fest 2018

For discussions about the event and to chat with who is attending, please check out the RMRC Hangout group on Facebook!

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