CXN - GoPro + FPV Camera Pan & Tilt Version 2 - 2015
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CXN - GoPro + FPV Camera Pan & Tilt Version 2 - 2015


I'm not too excited about this product for several reasons. It came with no instructions. It wasn't hard to figure out but I did have to look it up on the Internet to figure out how all the pieces fit together. The fit of the parts was not good, leaving gaps between the parts. Fitting the servos was a bit of a challenge, probably because I was missing a couple of screws from my kit. It just LOOKED cheap hanging off the front of my a/c. It worked OK but with the tall stance creates a LOT of drag on the model. I'd recommend chopping off the FPV camera extension to reduce drag. I've since removed it and thrown it in the scrap bin... I cannot recommend this product - the quality and performance are substandard.
Date Added: 05/28/2014 by bill johnson