VAS - 5.8 GHz Pepperbox RHCP
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VAS - 5.8 GHz Pepperbox RHCP

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What a great little antenna !! Granted, I only flew my Blackout about 1/2 mile out, but what floored me the most is the fact that I had not a single flicker in the video. The same route that I've flown previously with my other antenna was not as sharp and often glitchy. As the previous reviewer stated that he went over 1 mile with excellent video quality, I believe it.
I have the 5.8 Pepperbox connected to my Duo 5800 diversity. The Blackout has a Spironet connected to the vtx.
Great job Alex/VAS !! Once the word is out.. you'll probably sell a ton of these ! A work of art, is this antenna!, I must say.

John Marsh
Charlotte, Michigan
Date Added: 04/24/2015 by John Marsh