Astraeus Technologies - AT 4 Switch

Astraeus Technologies - AT 4 Switch

Astraeus Technologies - AT 4 Switch

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The AT 4-switch is a four way analog switch, controlled through a PWM signal from any RC receiver.

Full Instructions Here

The switch behaviour is effectively identical to a mechanical 4-way switch:

  • It is bidirectional: it can be used to select between two signals to a single output, or to forward one signal to two different outputs.
  • It can handle up to 400mA on each of the four switches.
  • It can transmit signals up to 18MHz, which includes PPM, PWM, or audio signals.

Even if the AT 4-switch uses 3-pin servo connectors, it only switches the signal (upper) wire. The central wire (typically power) is not connected to the PCB, which means that no power is passed through the switches, and the devices connected to the switch inputs/outputs must be powered externally. All the ground pins are connected together. 


  • Size: 33x23x11 mm
  • Weight:  7 grams
  • Power: +5V
  • Maximum current on each switch: 400 mA continuous, 600 mA peak
  • On resistance: 0.28 Ω typical, 0.41 Ω maximum
  • Bandwidth (@-3dB): 18 MHz
  • Model: AT-4-SWITCH
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Astraeus Technologies - AT 4 Switch